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Armani Casa is a complete household series brand with concrete and distinctive image. Before announcing its establishment formally in 2000, it had prepared for more than two years, contributing to the creation of new living space, and developing the complete series including furniture, dinnerware, lamp, bed set, and all kinds of home decorations, which shows a complete living style of Armani.


"Luxury is essential, but excessive luxury is not accepted" is Armani's consistent attitude. Armani follows the design principle no matter on its furniture's color, material or line. Armani's delicate design can be found in every work. Armani Casa is featured by uniqueness and detail orientation when choosing material, and the most distinctive feature is that hope of future generates from nostalgia. Besides, exaggerative gradation, the pattern of sun and the color of gold provides Armani Casa with gripping undertone adding to resplendence.



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