Brand story

Born in Pisa, ALTA MODA is a modern home furnishing brand whose products are full of vibrant colors, vintage & rigorous design and exquisite accessories. ALTA MODA means SUPER FASHION in Italian. The family inheritor and soul designer STEFANIA VOLPI has a unique understanding of fashion.



ALTA MODA is not famous for its fashionable products in the world furniture industry, but for its “CUTE” children's furniture. ALTA MODA provides a full range of household products for children aged 0-25. In ALTA MODA's “GIRL & BOY” collection, you can find almost anything, including kitchens, cabinets, beds, beddings, wall coverings, wallpapers, bathrobes and bathing shoes.




Brand features

ALTAMODA has always been committed to creating the most fashionable and dreamy home for children. Its exquisite art hand-painted by the Italian artisan team is characterized by luxury and childlikeness in the details. Hand-painted pictures and flowers, animals, toys, and other childlike elements have made the children's room more imaginative, allowing children to "turn furniture into toys" and inspiring their imagination and creativity.












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