Louvre Furniture Co., Ltd. is affiliated to China's home industry leader enterprise -Louvre Furnishings Group, located in China's furniture business capital, Lecong. Founded in 2007 and through 13 years of accumulation, the company has been a pioneer in the field of high-end home art.


The company takes "promote the Chinese furniture to the world, bring the world furniture into China" as their responsibility, aims to create a more high-end, high-quality lifestyle for people. It is the first to introduce European imported furniture in China for persons with unique taste; at the same time, the Company also involves in the R & D, production, sales of self-owned brands, and extends the business to the whole household top-level customization field.


The Company owns two best-of-class pavilions, namely Louvre CASA, Louvre VITA.



Louvre Casa with 60,000 square meters of magnificent bearing, has brought together hundreds of European top-class domestic brands, such as Fendi Casa, Bentley Home, Armani, and it is the world's largest and most complete category of imported home Pavilion.


CLASSIC and VITA are the self-owned brands of Louvre. Among them, the CLASSIC advocate the mainstream lifestyle and life taste of Europe and America, it has American style, Italian style, Spanish style, classical style, and other European and American style furniture; VITA is based on modern, post-modern, classical, neo-classical style furniture to meet the needs of different people.


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Being committed to creating a perfect home for high-end people, Louvre has extended from home products to all-dimensional space solutions. After expand business outside Foshan headquarters in 2015, we have taken the lead in creating pure imported luxury residential experience centers in Guangzhou, Hong Kong and Singapore, and opened Guangzhou and Chongqing design centers successively.The overall layout plan of key cities in China has already been launched.


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Based on the operation concept of "create brand on the base of excellent service and integrity", adhering to the core values of "people-oriented and pursuit of excellence", The Louvre Furniture Co., Ltd. continuously innovates and positively strives to make progress, and is the "Top Ten Best Companies for After-sales Service" of China; initiates commitment of "national free delivery and installation" to provide customers with exclusive services, is the first to launch the service of " ten-year warranty " . We are fastidious for every link and service item, and strive to present the ultimate charm of China's top high-end home brands.


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