Brand story

The MOLTEDO family established its headquarter in Vicenza, Italy in 1966. It is named as BOTTEGA VENETA, which means VENETA workshop. Their exclusive leather weaving method made BOTTEGA VENETA shine in the 1970s and become a well-known top brand. It is known as the Hermès in Italy.



BOTTEGA VENETA is constantly evolving, but the brand's mission is eternal: craftsmanship, innovative design, practical functions and selected materials. In 2006, they stepped into the boutique furniture business. Today, BOTTEGA VENETA HOME has covered products in home industry such as furniture, lightings, tableware, etc., thus further extending its exquisite top-level craftsmanship.


Brand features

BOTTEGA VENETA is a symbol of personality and self-confidence, which is reflected in the brand's famous motto- "WHEN YOU OWN INITIALS ARE ENOUGH". It has always focused on the integration of quality and craftsmanship, and created a new definition for luxury: low-profile, high-quality, and unparalleled craftsmanship. The furniture designed & manufactured maintains a simple and neat appearance,attracting people's focus on its superb leather craftsmanship, simple yet elegant.





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