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Brand story

FLOU was established in 1978 to bring innovation to bedroom furniture and lead a new "sleep culture". It has always occupied a leading position in the market. At the founding of the company, the famous designer VICO MAGISTRETTI was hired to design the world's first soft bed covered by textile fabric-NATHALIE. Since then, it gradually became a company specializing in bedding, and it has become a top bedding company famous in European and even in the world.



The word "perfect life" fully summarizes FLOU's business philosophy. Over the years, FLOU has been pursuing natural environmental protection, paying attention to perfect quality and longevity, and aiming to bring comfort and happiness of home life. It has launched a wide range of first-class furniture, bedding and home accessories with a uniform style.



Brand features

FLOU is synonymous with high quality, made-in-Italy, and comfort and health. It selects the top leather, metal, fabric and other materials, and creates a masterpiece of bed with exquisite Italian craftsmanship. It is of low-profile luxury, and full of honor and elegance.



FLOU's bedding collections are also one-of-a-kind. The FLOU bed is perfectly matched with passion or elegance, creating a romantic temperament and noble quality. Users are taken away from the hustle and bustle of the world, enjoying the night and dreams.









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